Double 11 Pre-sales Battle

How To Deliver A Sustained Punch


The tenth edition of 11.11 Singles Day promises to advance the consumer journey, providing brands more opportunities to interact with consumers through various promotions activities.

Publicis Media China this year performed an assessment of selected categories’ pre-sales, including baby diapers, infant formula, cosmetics, sporting apparel and oral care, using natural language processing to analyze over 210 SKUs’ pre-sales on TMALL to understand implications. Results highlighted learning spanning different phases of buying behavior.

Pre-sales Day One: The Critical Spike

Total pre-sales in tested categories reached incomparable peaks on October 20, the first day of pre-sales activity. Pre-purchases fell sharply thereafter and leveling with consistent booking through the subsequent week.

                                                        Overall Category Pre-Sales

SourcePublicis Media Commerce Radar across five categories and 43 key SKUs


Pre-sale Observations

Maintaining consumer interest and adoption is a key are of focus for 11.11 pre-sales. The event provides an opportunity for consumption upgrade. Brands have advanced thinking to cater more to consumer habits and demands, no longer blindly giving low value products or discounts to customers, but they are more aware of the use of their own categories to deliver what consumers really want.

The unfolding of 11.11 pre-sales marks clear considerations for the future. A more holistic analysis of the entire Double 11 Festival is forthcoming but for now, below are some pre-sale learnings:

1.   Start pre-sales communication early

In the era of short-attention spans, early preparation considerations help to anchor brands in consumer minds. Brands engaged in pre-sales communication strategies maximise their chances of creating sustained awareness and excitement among consumers. Teaser campaigns are a benefit to develop top-of-mind understanding of purchase options and continuity matters. Investment up-front to benefit first day pre-orders is a critical step to take.

2.   First day pre-sales window is critical for conversion and sustainment

Ensure integration of offers from day one with the rest of weeks preceding 11.11, tying promotions together appropriately.

3.   More incentives generate consistent interest

Bundling is not new to 11.11, though diversity is. Targeted customized catering to individual needs is a future opportunity in order to drive interest. A daily or weekly update on offers during pre-sales periods is an option to maintain momentum through the pre-sales period before 11.11.

4.   Horizontal product integration works

Incentives related to brand or key product that augment the category can drive holistic value, such as limited edition toys for infant milk.

5.   Continual celebrity communication breaks through the clutter

Deploy celebrities with continuity so consumers see a continuous engagement rather than a one-off promotion exercise.

*All data are collected from public data on TMALL




















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