Introducing YouTube Ad Pods

Starting from 2018 Nov 15, 2 consecutive ads would be fed to audience before playing the video.  This is called Ad Pods.  This will only apply to content with at least 5 minutes long.


Combinations of 2 ads would be :

-             Two skippable ads

-             One Bumper + one skippable ad

-             Two bumpers

Key points to note are :

-             All skippable and bumper ads in the auction are eligible to show in an ad pod. Skippable ads includes all TrueView skippable ad formats regardless of bid type (ex. CPM, CPV, tCPA) as well as UAC. Reservation and non skips are not impacted.

-             Will avoid same category onto the same ad break according to machine learning of YouTube.  Therefore, suggest advertisers to state clearly / have more elaboration on their product category in more comprehensive way at their Youtube brand channels.

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