TrueView for action inventory extends to Google video partners

Google is bringing TrueView for action to Google video partners to help you drive leads and conversions which helps to extend our campaigns’ reach to sites and apps beyond YouTube. All of their partners must comply with Google’s Video publisher policy and AdMob & AdSense policies, and abide by their Video Ad Safety Promise.


Video partners inventory can appear across all devices as an interstitial in a video player. On mobile apps, they can also appear as rewarded video units.


l  The option to opt into video partners inventory is available under the Networks section on the campaign settings page in the UI.

l  New TrueView for action campaigns will be opted-in to video partners by default.

l  Your existing TrueView for action campaigns won’t be opted in automatically

l  This option is already available for other YouTube video ad formats, including regular TrueView in-stream ads, bumper ads and outstream ads.

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