Q2 TV Rating Trend Showed Fluctuation

As we’re moving into 2019’s 3rd quarter, the following is a review of TV rating trend in Q2 (monitored period: Apr – Jul; data source: Instar) on some of the key channels to get an idea of the latest movements on TV viewing habits across different age groups.

With TVB being the most established channels (TVBJ/ TVBP/ J2/ TVB Finance/ TVB News), its overall rating trend was relatively flat over the entire Q2 with a slight dip in late June. There were some ups and downs towards the end of Q2 but it’s pretty much back to their usual level in early August.

For ViuTV, their ratings were shaky throughout the monitored period across all age group up till early Jul, where a steady growth for the age group of 25 or above was recorded.

HK Open TV rating was steady with a few ups and downs since early June for P35-44 & P55+.

Ratings for paid TV were quite bumpy across the board but there were an upward trend since mid-July for people 35yo or above.

In a nutshell, we did notice some adjustments to ratings across the channels, most notably amongst the working group (i.e. P25+), with multiple factors contributing to the trend that we are seeing in the above, e.g. summer holiday (when family travels), recent social turmoil. We do suggest keeping a close eye on the TV ratings in the coming quarters to ensure the KPIs for TV campaigns are met.




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