Social Media Trending as Entertainment Hubs

According to GWI’s 2019 Q1 Social Report, social media in 2019 has become sources for news and entertainment updates, in addition to its initial networking purposes. Below are some stats on purposes for social media usage:

In addition, there were a few observations specifically of the HK netizens:

  • On average, each person owns 8.5 social media accounts.
  • 100% of them accessed social media at some point in a month’s time, within which 94% via mobile devices.
  • They spent an average of 1hr 52mins per day on social media.

With reference to the GWI data, if the total per day time spent divided on HK average number of account in 2019 (8.5) it will fall into 13 mins. Hence short video length (first 2 – 10s with clear story & action), mobile first and seamless contents are very much the key to success. And with their limited attention span, it’s crucial that we take into consideration the consumers’ content preferences (e.g. news & current events) to increase our ads’ level of engagement.



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