TV rating trend from May – Aug

Moving into 2019 Q3, the following is a review of TV rating from May to Aug. Some of the key channels have obvious change due to the habit or tendency to TV across all age groups.

The rating of TVBJ and J2 was kept dropping from Jun, but the rating of iNews kept growth among all age group. Especially the shifted of matured groups, much fluctuated TV behavior on Jun and Jul, and steadier in Aug. People pay a lot of attention on News due to the social movement.

Starting from the last week of June, the rating of paid TV (Cable and Now) was slightly increasing especially for the age group of P35 – 55+.

All in all, we could see the up and down rating across all channels during May to Aug, notably on political issue and social turmoil, the trend of declining rating since middle of June on TVB. After the boycott to TVB in middle of July, the rating on Paid TV had significant growth among all target groups.


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